Christèle considers herself as a storyteller, regardless of the activity: photography, marketing or fragrances. As an award-winning professional photographer and a marketing and fragrance expert, she specialises in creating stories.

Born in Avignon (France) in 1971, she grew up in a village of 80 inhabitants. Books quickly became the companions of her childhood and adolescence. Alone in her room, they transported her far from her dull environment.

From time to time, the visits to her old godmother were in every way dreamy episodes. Her apartment in the city was like a parallel world: paintings on the walls, a bathroom with the exquisite scent of Camay soap, her faded marriage crown housed in a transparent glass box and resting on a silky cushion on top of the chest of drawers.

Alone upstairs, she enjoyed every detail of it while she heard voices in the distance. The twisted wall along the stairs to reach the first floor was certainly a sign that she was about to enter an out of the ordinary place.

During her adolescence, she mastered in escaping from reality.

She studied foreign languages and was eventually hired by a multinational fragrance company outside her home country. Perfumery as an industrial sector is full of mystery and stories to tell. It was the perfect match.

Her professional career in sales and marketing has brought her to more than fifty countries. New worlds and rich experiences to open up the mind and enjoy the beauty that lies everywhere. Day after day she is connected to the pulse of the world and supports brands in the development of new products.

A decade after initiating such activity, she ventured at studying photography during weekends. She was eager to discover this medium to tell stories. It was love at first sight.

Today, as a photographer, she creates parallel worlds which lie outside the hustle and bustle of present day life: worlds where there is time to live and relish even the most fleeting of moments, even the insignificant.

Her photos are redolent of the search for fulfilment, the fulfilment of life itself, a life which is swathed in beauty. 

Mystery is one of the inevitable elements of her pictures, and she underlines this aspect by the way in which she uses lighting. She ties the narration to certain areas of the stage while leaving others in darkness to leave your imagination free to fly.